Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wordful Wednesday

- Thank you all for the sweet words regarding Javier.  He's been such a fun addition to our family.  We are head over heels.  The question of the past few days has been "what does Chipper think of Javier?"  The answer is….he loves him.  We were a little concerned with how Chip would handle him because he is so small (1.8 lbs.), but he basically gave him the sniff-over and for the most part leaves him alone.  Chip has always been our family protector.  He doesn't let anyone mess with Alexa and Lillian and will alert us if anyone is walking/skateboarding/riding bike/roller blading/running near our home.  And we can see that he's just as protective of his little brother.  He'll keep watch while Javier is sleeping and patiently wait for him to wake up so they can play.  So far Chip has been really gentle with Javi and we hope it stays that way as he gets bigger.  How big will he get??  His mom was 7 lbs and his dad was 5 lbs, so we're guessing right around there.  The girls love to hold him, so we're working on taking turns, but for the most part they are doing very well with him.  Chip has not been left in the dust by any means either.  He's still getting lots of love and attention.  I know it's only been a few days, but so far the transition overall has been going very well.

- Last Thursday we had parent/teacher conferences for both of the girls.  We were so proud of each of the reports from their teachers.  I love hearing how they are both improving.  As I've mentioned before Alexa struggled at the beginning of this year with her reading.  She entered third grade at a beginning second grade level and now she is at a mid-4th grade level.  She went from fighting me and crying about having to read to absolutely loving it.  Adam and I are elated with her improvements.  Lilli is doing so well, too.  Just right where she needs to be!  We stopped by the book fair and let them each choose a book for doing so well!

- Sunday morning we had my brother Ben and his fiancĂ©, Kelly, over for brunch.  It was so fun to catch up with them about their engagement, the new apartment they'll be moving into in May AND they'll be getting a new puppy, too.  They will be adopting a golden retriever when it's born in August.  So many fun exciting things coming up for them.  Our friends Lo and Jesse came over Sunday afternoon for pizza and then our neighbors Carissa and Hannah stopped over that evening to meet Javier.

- Last week was my FIL's birthday, so he and Linda came up to spend a few days at Mystic Lake Casino.  They brought their dog Mongo to stay with us while they stayed at the hotel.  Since he's getting a little bit older, we didn't want him jumping up and off the girls' bed during the night, so the girls pulled out their trundle so they could sleep with him lower to the ground.

- They also brought along some beautiful Mexican dresses for the girls that their great-aunt Nellie sent up from Texas.  They can't wait to wear them for Cinco de Mayo.

- The girls are on Spring break this week from school, dance and LIFE at church.  They spent the day with their favorite babysitter, Delaney, yesterday and will be home with Daddy the rest of the week.

- Last night we met up with our friends Andrea and Aaron and their little girl, Avrie for a fun trip to the MOA's Barbie Dream House.  {full post to come}  We always have such a good time with them!!!!!!!!!!  I'm still giggling over Adam's 'get-up' at The Boot Barn.  ;)

- Birthday Shout-Out's to my oldest brother Geoff (March 1st), My SIL Courtney (March 10th) and my little brother Tiny (TODAY!).  Birthday cocktails SOON!

- I have totally sucked at blogging lately.  I had this post started to be posted yesterday and it was titled Tuesday Tidbits.  I really miss my groove of posting every day...even every other day.  I promise to get back into the swing of things very soon.  I have a couple fun posts written in my noggin, I just have to make the time to get them typed up!  I also have some amazing reviews and giveaways to come, too - so, be sure to continuously click that review/giveaway tab above to be updated on the latest shops being featured!


Sarah said...

I hear you on the lack of posting.. I've hit a wall and have no idea what to even write about right now.. Glad I'm not the only one who encounters this!

Kristin said...

I want a Cinco de Mayo dress! HOW FUN!!!!

Justine @ sassyshoesinthesnow said...

Love the dress!!! I cannot wait to read your post about the Barbie Dream House.....I really want to take my girls, but then I saw how much it is, and I wasn't sure if it would be worth it!

Brittany said...

Javi?? Okay that is even cuter!!

So sweet that the girls slept lower to the ground for your in laws dog.

Katie said...

Aww reading about Chip protecting Javier while he sleeps is the sweetest things!! And AHH omg theres going to be a golden retriever puppy around!!! I sometimes wish our golden was still a puppy, they are soooo cute.

Trish said...

I just totally gave up trying to blog everyday. Now I consider once a week a great success ;-)

Ashley said...

That dress is so fun!! I think you should get a matching one ;)

So glad Chipper has taken to Javier so well!!