Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

FRIDAY :: This past week the girls were on spring break and we were fortunate enough to work it out for Adam and I both to take care of them and not have to take any vacation time off from work.  I would work during the day and he'd leave when I got home in the afternoon and put his hours in at night.  Friday got to be a late night for him, so it became kind of a girls night for Alexa, Lilli and I.  Their friend Cody came over to play for a little bit and then I had them do some homework.  Alexa read for 45 minutes and Lillian and I worked on her letter sounds and did some math.  I know - what kind of mom makes their kids do homework during spring break..and a Friday night no less?  Ha!  While I do believe in them taking advantage of the 'break', I didn't want them to entirely take the week off.
We ate an early dinner and then took the dogs out for a walk.  Javier's harness is still too big (XXXS), so he doesn't like to wear it yet.  We just let him walk beside us and if we see a car coming or there are large water puddles, we pick him up.  It's kind of cute to see how proud Chip is to walk with his little brother.  After our walk we snuggled in and watched the movie Horrid Henry.  I was so exhausted that I ended up falling asleep before Adam made it home from work.

SATURDAY::  We slept in!  Yay!  We stayed snuggled in bed until around 10.  It was so nice to catch up on some sleep that we've been deprived of this week.  A new puppy is just as if we have a newborn baby in the house again…Kinda!  Adam brought doughnuts home the night before for breakfast and we ate those in bed.  We got up and ready for the day and then Adam made us an amazing brunch of eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, tomatoes, cheese and tortillas.  You can't go wrong when the smell of bacon engulfs your house on a Saturday!  Yum!  

I've been keeping a little secret for a while now…….. and I'm finally ready to share it.  Adam got an amazing promotion at his job!!!!  He works for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board - I know you've heard me mention Powderhorn Park once or twice (ok, more like at least a hundred) where he was the park director.  His job was a detailed position that was supposed to last roughly 6 months.  He was there for 2 1/2 years!!!  It's no secret that Powderhorn Park was like our second home.  The girls and I spent so much time there enjoying the lake, the 4 playgrounds and all the amazing events that were held there including the May Day Parade/Festival, the art fair, 4th of July, empty bowls, the catfish contest, camping with the Wilderness Inquiry, Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations, plays, sporting events, ceramics and so much more.  We have so many friends that we've met and grown to love in the community and with Adam's staff.  I'll admit, we've shed a tear or two about the new transition, but we are equally excited about his new endeavor as the new park director of North Commons in Minneapolis.  I'm not sure how a promotion can be exciting and sad all at the same time, but Powderhorn is such a unique portion of our favorite city and it's been a little hard saying goodbye.  I know I know…dramatic!!  Although we may not visit there as much as before, we plan to still hang out there quite a bit in the summer.  A huge part of the reason they are sending Adam to North Commons is because of the incredible work he did at Powderhorn Park.  I could go on and on about what he's done for that community - they were grateful for all his hard work and were sad to see him go!  Now, he gets to share his passion for the park system with the wonderful people in the North Commons neighborhood.  They are so lucky to have him!   He's been there for about 3 weeks now and has been doing a lot of cleaning up in the recreation facility.  He wanted things to be in tip top shape before he brought us up there.  The girls got a sneak peek on Thursday, but I finally got the official tour Saturday afternoon.

A painted mural on the side of the building!

After seeing the entire site I'm so excited for Adam and this new adventure.  We've met some of his new staff already and are thrilled to make them apart of our family.  We're anxious for the snow to completely melt so the girls can play on the playground, watch some sporting events AND swim at the water park - yep, they have a water park on site.  So fun!  

I couldn't be more proud of my husband.  He's going to be AWESOME at North Commons.

We got some groceries for the week and then took the dogs for another walk Saturday evening.  It's still a bit chilly, but we're NOT complaining.  The snow is melting and we're finally seeing hints of grass and our beloved SPRING!  
The rest of the night was pretty quiet.  We played Apples to Apples Jr. with the girls before bed and Adam and I watched a couple episodes of Shark Tank that we've been hoarding on our DVR.

SUNDAY ::  We got up and went to church, ran a few errands and then came home for lunch.  We went for yet another walk with the dogs.  The girls rode their scooters and brought plastic bags to pick up trash along the way.  They are obsessed with protecting the animals in the neighborhood and don't want them getting into harmful litter that's all around.  They filled 3 bags!

We asked the girls to help us clean up the house a little bit when we got home and had them start on their room.  They were taking their precious time which meant only one thing…..

It never fails…we ask them to clean their room and a bunked fort is made.  They had both Chip and Javier in there and were so proud of themselves.  It used to upset me that they were actually making a bigger mess, but now it just makes me laugh!   I remember making forts like this as a kid and I love that their little imaginations create a fun space for them to play.

Lillian had Sunday school in the afternoon.  And then we had another quiet evening at home.  

It's back to school today for the girls and they can.not.wait!  I printed off a few pictures of them holding Javier to bring to show their classmates tomorrow.

Happy St. Patty's Day!


Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

What sweet girls yo u have!!!! What a great weekend!

Bridget said...


Jen [wonderfully unkempt] said...

That's awesome about Adam's promotion! It will be fun to see all the things his new park offers in the summer. And a water park? Awesome!

Looks like you guys had a great weekend!

Jennifer Humphries said...

don't you just love time like that? Congrats on the hubs new job. Exciting!

Amy said...

Congrats to Adam! How exciting!

You have the sweetest girls ever!

Katie said...

Congrats to Adam and all of you on his transition! I'm not really sure where North Commons is, but it sounds like a really cool place! I hope you guys grow to love it as much as Powderhorn!

Carolyn said...

Congrats to your hubby!!! :) How exciting!!

Janelle Muhlenkamp said...

Congrats Adam! So exciting for your family to have a new adventure. :)

Ashley said...

Your girls truly are sweet they pick up trash!

Congratulations to Adam on the big promotion!! That's so exciting, hopefully you guys love North Commons as much as PP :)

Sarah said...

Yay for Adam!!

Melissa @ i carry your heart said...

A day late over here, per usual :) Congrats to Adam on his new job....that's awesome!

Melissa @ i carry your heart said...

A day late over here, per usual :) Congrats to Adam on his new job....that's awesome!

ajs {of MN} said...

busy busy wknd! i love all the walking you got in. YAH for adam and his new job, it looks like it will be a great new home! and another wonderful park that you guys as a family will make a million memories with!

Brittany said...

Congrats to Adam on his new job. So exciting!

Leah D said...

Just getting caught up. Yay for Adam and his new job!