Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

{ONE}  St. Patty's Day!

We dressed up in green and wore our shamrock's to represent our smidgeon of Irish heritage.  We also ate the obligatory bowl of lucky charms and sipped on {or blew bubbles in} green milk/water.


Spring has officially arrived!  

Yes, it did snow this week and the temps still aren't quite where I'd like them to be…but, the calendar says SPRING and we're so happy about that.  

{THREE}  Blogging!

I have blogged every dang day this week!  {high-five self}

It's been a long time since I've filled my blog with a weeks worth of posts and it feels good, ya'll!
I finished my Q & A series.  I also posted a few giveaways.  Click on the tab above and enter to win some amazing products!  
I'm not going to promise anything, but I hope to stay more consistant around here.

{FOUR}  These Two! 

Javier has been so amazing for our family, especially Chipper.  They love each other like brothers.  Chip is so protective of Javie and Javie wants to copy everything Chip does.  It's the cutest thing!
Is it weird that we call them 'the boys', just like we call Alexa and Lilli 'the girls'?

{FIVE}  Lillian!

At Lillian's parent teacher conferences, her teacher mentioned to us that Lilli was switching her numbers around when she read them out loud.  For example, she'd say 31 instead of 13 or 32 instead of 23.  We found a large number flashcard app on our phones and have been working with her consistently and after just a couple days it seemed to have just 'clicked'  and now she is saying numbers well over 300 perfectly.  She's pretty much blown us away - we're so proud of her. 

I hope you have a great weekend!


Ashley said...

Way to go Lilli!! It's amazing how quick they can pick up on things in a matter of days.

The picture of the pups - too cute!!

Jen [wonderfully unkempt] said...

High Five for blogging everyday! :)

I have the same problem where I invert numbers. Not so much when I'm saying them, but when I write them down. I just have to slow it down. Hopefully she just kicked it in the butt with all those larger numbers!

Courtney B said...

Their outfits!! I'm dying! TOO CUTE!!
And I'm high fiving you for your posts! I feel like I'm having the worst time getting blog posts out there. And they are all about Mia. That has got to be boring for everyone else, ha ha. Oops!

Trish said...

Their outfits are adorable! I wish I could rock clothes like that. At 32 though, I might get some looks ;-)

Janelle Muhlenkamp said...

Wow I'm impressed! Way to go with a full week of blogging! Also high five to Lilli, thats awesome that her hard work paid off!

Amy said...

Love those outfits!

Great job, Lilli!

Brittany said...

yay for spring! I am ready for the warm temps :)

I may have already said this to you and probably will 500 more times but I just love Javie so much and can't wait for Colby J to get a sibling!

Carolyn said...

OMG. That puppy pic. PRECIOUS!

ajs {of MN} said...

wow the amazing world of apps that we live in, go lilli!

i am so happy for your LOTSA blogging, keep it up. i have been working on a post for over two weeks! hahaha

Leah D said...

Their outfits are adorable! As are "the boys." Haha. What a cool app. Is it just for numbers? I've been thinking about a letter one for our iPad to work with Hailey.