Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Barbie's DreamHouse at MOA

  The Barbie Dream House exhibit just opened up in the Mall of America and with how much Lilli LOVES Barbie's, I knew that we had to go and check it out.  I convinced my friend Andrea to come with us and it turned into us including our husbands who ended up sitting at the bar while we toured Barbie's home.  

This post will be mainly a very poor quality photo collage of our experience because all the lights in the dream house are pink…obviously!

Alexa & Lillian w/ the classic pink Barbie shoe :: Lillian has this same table set for her Barbie house :: Waiting in line to go into Barbie's kitchen

The girls making virtual cupcakes in the kitchen :: riding in the elevator (up the stairs) :: Yummy cupcakes

Riding the sleigh in the ice-room

Giant jewelry box :: Barbie's toilet :: Bathroom

Virtually trying on Barbie's clothes in her closet :: Selling ice-cream :: Lounging at the beach

Selfie in Barbie's stand up mirror :: Relaxing on high heeled shoe chairs :: Avrie at the beach

Lilli checking out the sites at the beach :: Barbies galore

Lilli working the runway and entertainment stage

Alexa on the runway :: Avrie singing :: the girls dancing

Getting their make-up done in Barbie's salon

Alexa and Lilli on the stage :: The girls on Barbie's scooter :: Lilli fixing Barbie's hair

Andrea taking a spin on Barbie's scooter :: Sitting on Barbie's high yelled shoe chairs :: Me, back stage the entertainment suite
{I'm pretty sure Andrea and I had just as much fun as the little girls.}

Alexa in lights :: Barbie shoes : Alexa on Barbie's scooter

We spent around 2 hours touring Barbie's house.  It was so interactive for the kids with many different activities to do in each room.  We were given little bracelets to wear that we scanned in with our name and used them to scan into different computers to make scrapbooks, the cupcakes, postcards and more.  I think there is a way for us to check out the things we made online, but I didn't really catch how. Oops!
If your kids are into Barbie's or even if they're not, it's still such a fun exhibit and appropriate for kids of all ages.  Our favorite was the entertainment room where the girls could dress up and walk the runways, perform on the entertainment stage, get their make-up done, color pictures and style Barbie's hair.  The Dream House is going to be at the MOA for another couple years and I'm sure we'll be making our way back at least once before it closes.

After touring the Dream House - we met up with Adam and Aaron and brought the kids to Dick's Last Resort for dinner.  Our waitress was pretty cool with the kids.  Their whole schtick is to be pretty sarcastic with the customers, but she kept it rated pretty PG with us being we had little ones.  Alexa's hat said "Brat in a Hat", Avrie's said "Toe-Nail Biter" and Lilli's said "I kiss boys with cooties".
I was starving, so I pretty much inhaled my plate of fish and chips…YUM!

Aaron wanted to check out The Boot Barn while we were in the mall, so we all tagged along to help him pick out the perfect pair of boots.  I'm actually kinda surprised we didn't get kicked out.  The girls were running all over the place with their cowgirl hats and horsies, Adam was trying on every pair of obnoxious looking boots he could find and I was..well…who knows what I was doing. ;)

We always have the best time with the Sonnek's.  

It was such a fun night and the perfect way for the girls to kick off their spring break last week!


Carolyn said...

OMG! Such a fun night!!!!! :)

Amy said...

I want to go!! How fun is Barbie's Dream house?! How long is the exhibit going on for?

ajs {of MN} said...

hahahaha we had such a fun night out with the lares'!

i cant wait until adam gets his very own pair of boots and then i can buy him a boot jack!!! i love that picture of you, haha!

thanks again for the fun invite- avrie had a great time and is STILL talking about it!

i also inhaled my fish and chips and still crabby about aaron eating ALL of my fries while i was on potty break duty!! ;)

Janelle Muhlenkamp said...

Oh my gosh that looks like so much fun! It makes me wish I lived in Minnesota so I could check it out! My sister and I loved Babies growing up. We would have a blast checking out Barber's dreamhouse. Looks like your girls had a great time!

Trish said...

Oh man, I wish I had some little girls I could take there. I might get some looks if I show up with my one year old boy ;-)

Ashley said...

hahahah that last picture is by far my favorite!!
This looks like such a fun place to visit, definitely seems like the girls had a blast!!! Is it a traveling exhibit?

Brittany said...

Looks like fun!! My mom was thinking of going there but she said it's kinda expensive but considering you spent 2 hours in there I suppose it's not that bad for the price.

Leah D said...

Cute pictures! Wayne took Hailey at the beginning of March and she LOVED it, too!!! She's still talking about it a month later!