Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Companie Dance

Alexa :: Elly :: Lilli
{treating the girls to ice-cream after a long week of dance training}

As you know, last week Alexa and Lillian had intensive week at dance that led up to their try-outs for 'companie' teams for this coming season.  Try-outs were on Thursday and we found out Friday night that THEY BOTH MADE IT!!

Adam and I could not be more proud of our girls for working hard and proving that they deserve a spot on the team.  Lillian will be dancing with the Starlights and Alexa with the Amazing Stars.  

Lilli is our little goofball and has had a little trouble with behavior in some of her classes due to her just wanting to have fun and be silly and giggle with her friends.  We told her that if she was serious about doing competitions that she needed to up her game and focus a little bit harder.  She told me at the end of intensive week that she was wanting to be funny but she wanted her coaches to know how serious she was about being on the team that she tried really hard to listen and focus all her attention on the teacher and not making her friends laugh.  It was pretty adorable to hear her say something like this in such a serious tone.  She was pretty confident that her hard work paid off and she was right.  We are so happy for her and can't wait to see how she improves this year.

Alexa is our little rock star.  When she puts her mind to something there is very little that will come in her way and stop her from reaching her goals.  She's a natural competitor like her dad and through her intense gymnastics background, she was ready to give it her all during her auditions.  I'm completely amazed at how much she learned last week and didn't have a single complaint, even though they were pushed to the max.  She was accepted into a group that has been dancing together for a few years now and have competed together before.  So, she has her work cut out for her, but I'm confident she'll fit right in and can't wait to see her be challenged this year.

I love my little girls so much and in my eyes they will always be the best little dancers on the stage!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Recap {Sleepover/Science Museum/MN Zoo}

Adam left Thursday night for his fantasy football draft/guys weekend up in Thief River Falls, so the girls and I had a fun 'girls weekend' with lots of things planned to keep us busy.

Friday night they each had a friend sleep over, Hannah and Lauren (sisters).  
Their mom had watched Alexa and Lilli a couple days for us this summer so I totally owed her a kids free night with her hubby!  The girls had a ton of fun together.  They danced, jumped around in their sleeping bags, played with the puppies, played games, colored, jumped on the beds and watched a movie with popcorn.  

They ended up all waking up at 6:30 (waaaaay too early for a Saturday morning), so I kinda suggested they make me breakfast in bed to make up for it. Ha!  They brought me a piece of toast and an orange.  haha  By 10:30 they were all exhausted again and ready to go back to bed.  That should be a good lesson to NEVER wake up at 6:30 on a Saturday ever again.  

The girls and I were supposed to join our friend Sarah and some other MN bloggers on a volunteer trip to Second Harvest Heartland to box food for hungry families.  We were all really excited about it and had been looking forward to it all summer, but turns out Lillian was too young to participate by two years, so rather than going there and having Lilli lie about her age, we decided it would be best if we waited until a better weekend (when Adam is home to watch Lilli) for Alexa and I to volunteer.

Andrea, Lo and I have been trying to get together all summer and finally the time was right for us to meet up for lunch.  Lo kindly offered us over to her place for a nice homemade meal that tasted an awful lot like Little Caesar's pizza.  Andrea brought (clearly store bought) cucumber salad and chips and I slaved over the oven all morning to bring a delicious batch of chocolate chip and sugar cookies with pink frosting. 

I could gave stayed and chatted with them all day, but my girls were clearly sleep deprived and were stage 5 slap-happy!  They were acting silly, not making any sense and were being brutally 'honest' about everything...if you know what I mean.  

The Science Museum of MN was just a few miles away, so we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon there exploring the dinosaur exhibit and visiting the Omni Theatre.

It was pretty busy, so the girls ended up having to wait their turns a few times to partake in some of their favorite experiments.  Overall, they did really well and stayed patient!

There was a hands on section of the dinosaur exhibit where the girls could pick the bones up and put them back together into the complete skeleton.  Lilli thought the shoulder bone would make a nice crown and the pelvic bone would be a nice wand.  Alexa almost mistook them for some baby back ribs and compared her hand size to that of a dinosaur that I couldn't pronounce.

We left when we started to get hungry, grabbed a quick dinner at home and then went to Cherry Berry for dessert!!

It was getting late when we got back and it had been a long day (a long week for that matter), so we snuggled into bed, watching a little TV and fell asleep.

Sunday morning we woke up and got ready to go to the MN zoo.  We hadn't been there since Lilli's class field trip in May.  As we pulled out of the driveway, I had noticed a missed call from my mom.  So, I quickly called her back.  Her and my dad were just leaving my brothers house...so, I told them to turn around and come with us to the zoo.  And they did!  What a fun surprise!

There are so many fun animal statues all over the zoo and the girls love getting their pictures taken on each one.  It would be a serious project, but kinda fun to gather them all up and compare them from each year.

Lilli's favorite is the penguins, so I wanted to get a picture of her with them.  And as soon as I said..hey Lilli let's get a selfie with you and the penguin, the penguin turned it's head as if he heard the word "selfie" and gave me his best pose.  So cute!

Alexa and Grandpa Tom had fun watching the wolves on the MN Trail.

And both girls were brave enough to touch the snake.

This bear was loving the girls up as he was showing off his swimming skills.

And we, of course, loved the bug exhibit!!

We knew there was a chance for rain, but thought we'd be in the clear.  Unfortunately, we were wrong.  It started sprinkling, which was fine...it was really humid, so it turned out to be a nice way to cool off a bit.  But, eventually it started to down pour.  We were on the opposite end of the zoo and wanted to see the rest of the animals, so we just hung out in the rain.  We were soaked, but we made the most of it and the girls will never forget the time we went to the zoo with grandpa and grandma and got completely drenched!

 We got home and took a warm shower and just as we got done Adam got home.  We were so excited to see him that we ran out into the rain again to welcome him home.  He had a great time with his buddies drafting their fantasy football teams, but was just as happy to be home as we were to have him home.  We ordered in some pizza, played a game of Head Bandz and then called it a night.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Thoughts {Vol. 1}

Our shaggy little rag dog, Javier, was in desperate need of a hair cut so we got him one a few weeks ago.  We were a little bit nervous for him being it was his first time getting his hair cut besides Adam and I trimming around his face, which he HATES!  The groomers fell in love with him and we didn't blame them a bit.  He's the most lovable little puppy.  However, when we picked him up I think they thought otherwise.  They looked completely wore out...he clearly gave them a run for their money.  Apparently he wasn't a fan of the dryer...(what dog is?) and had to be kennel dried.  Poor Javie!  Thank goodness I wasn't there watching because I most certainly would have bawled my eyes out seeing my baby so terrified.

Check out the before and after shots, tho.  He looks like a totally different puppy!  

It's really hard to get a good picture of him sitting still....so, a sprawled out 'sunning' himself 'after' picture will have to do.

It's "intensive week' for the girls at their dance studio.  Alexa is training from 8:30 until 3:30 every day and Lilli follows at 5:30 until 8pm.  Today (Thursday) is their big 'try-out' day where they will audition in front of judges that will determine which 'companie' group they are placed in for the competition season.  It's been a long, tiring, week to say the least.  The girls have had so much fun and can't wait to hear the results of the audition.  

I am especially looking forward to the season because...you guys, WE HAVE A DREAM DUFFEL!

If you remember my birthday wish list post, this was #1 on my list.  We are pretty much obsessed with this thing and I know that it's going to make our competition season and recital weekend so much easier.  If you have a little girl in dance, cheerleading, pageants or figure skating...the Dream Duffel is a must have!!

Alexa and I went on a mama/daughter date the other night.  I seriously love spending one on one time with my little girl.  She is hilarious and we always have such a good time together.  Scheduling individual time with each of the girls is tough sometimes, but with Lilli being in dance 3 hours each evening this week has allowed Alexa and I some extra time together.  

Lilli is the biggest fan of ice-cream of anyone I've ever known, so Alexa and I agreed that we shouldn't tell her about the little trip we took to the Dairy Queen.  Unfortunately, our plan totally backfired when Lilli was looking through the photos on my phone.  Oops.  She wasn't happy!!  Luckily, she has the best Daddy in the whole world and took her to get a fruit sundae!

It's no secret anymore that our family has become pretty obsessed with geocaching.  It's not only fun to find the 'treasure' but to also explore different parts of our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods.  We have found some pretty awesome walking/hiking trails and parks.  

The girls were pretty excited about this tunnel.  We stood under there for the longest time listening to the cars drive over us.  

My hubby leaves for his fantasy football 'guys weekend' tonight and won't be back until Sunday.  I always hate when he's out of town, but the girls and I have some fun things planned to keep ourselves busy including a sleepover with a few of their friends, a few hours of volunteering, and either a trip to the MN zoo or Science Museum.  I'm pretty sure we'll squeeze in an opportunity to hit up Cherry Berry, too.  

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend Recap {Cruz's Birthday/Geocaching}

Adam took the girls to work with him on Friday.  He works at a giant rec center, so you can imagine the fun they had there.  And thankfully, they were pretty good at sitting quietly while doing a few puzzles so daddy could actually get some work done, too.  

It's been a crazy few weeks.  Nothing major, just life and keeping up with the girls.  So, we had decided to spend a few hours together as a family Friday afternoon/evening before Adam went to go play in a bags tournament, geocaching  But, our garbage disposal had other plans for us.  The responsibilities of a grown up/homeowner sometimes just plain old suck.  So, Adam ended up staying home to fix it, while I took the girls out to find a few caches around town.

We found a few and then went back home to say goodbye to him before he left for his tournament.  The girls and I made some popcorn and snuggled in for the night.

Adam had to get up super early for work Saturday morning and the girls and I went to Rochester for their cousin Cruz's first birthday party.   

It was so much fun to see his family and spend the afternoon watching the kids play and Cruz devour his birthday cake.

They had a cute little photo booth area set up in the back yard, some amazing food and a ginormous piñata.  

 Alexa and Lillian are like professional piñata breakers, so they saved them for last so that everyone else could have a turn.  I don't know where my teeny tiny girls get all their muscles, but man, they clobbered that thing.

It was filled with trillions of pieces of candy and so now we have a lifetime supply thanks to the piñata and last weeks parade.

They also had a table set up to make your own cookies.  The girls were loving that, of course.  We all got a kick out of Giselle's cookie...and yes, I promise you that there is a cookie under all those sprinkles. 

We met Adam back at the house late evening.  Had a late dinner and then watched a movie before bed.

Adam mowed the lawn Sunday morning that was in such desperate need.  We were afraid people were going to think that we were out of town.  Ha!

Lilli had her friend Sydney and Alexa had her friend Hannah over to play for the afternoon.  We got a game of wiffle ball going in the back yard that ended up being quite fun.  It was Adam and I against all the little girls.  

We did our usual Sunday night family dinner date at the Ground Round and then took Adam around to find a few geocaches.  The girls and I have been having so much fun with it lately.  We can't thank Meg and Becky enough for introducing us to this fun hobby.  We are up to 23 finds now and have a goal of 50 before it starts snowing.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Flekkefest 2014

This past weekend we drove up to visit my parents for their town festival and all three of my brothers and their families were all be able to be there, too.  So, it turned out to be a fun-filled family weekend.

Adam had to work Friday afternoon/evening setting up the Powderhorn Art Fair, so we got a little bit later start, but still arrived in time for a bonfire and the mosquitoes to eat us alive.  The guys got a few games of bags in and us girls picked peas and carrots from my moms garden.

{they totally just grabbed each others hands and walked that way the entire way, without a single prompt from any of us....you bet we took advantage of walking behind them, snapping pictures}

Saturday morning we got up early and walked downtown for the pancake breakfast at the community center.  My girls aren't the biggest fans of pancakes at home, so I wasn't expecting them to eat very much, but surprisingly they both demolished 2 huge pancakes and 2 sausage links.  This breakfast was put on as a fundraiser for the high school football team, so huge compliments to them (and their parents) for making some pretty amazing pancakes that even my kids would eat.

The community center and library are in the same building and the library was putting on a used book sale out on the front lawn.  My SIL took advantage and got some great books for her classroom, while I sat and read books to the girls.  

It's weekends like these that prove how important 'cousin' time is.  The girls had so much fun being able to spend a few days with Joey and Zach.

Looking back at all the pictures I took over the weekend, I had a large collection of selfies with Joey. I remember asking him if he'd take a selfie with me and he just looked at me like...what's a selfie??  I spent the rest of the weekend making sure he knew exactly what a selfie was. ;)  I'll spare you all of them, except the one below...TOO CUTE!

After putsing around downtown a bit we walked back to my parents house to grab some extra diapers for Zach and to rehydrate ourselves, then walked down to the athletic field where Adam and my brother Tiny and my other two brothers Geoff and Ben participated in the bean bag tournament.  

Adam and Tiny dominated their first 2 games, but lost their third.  Thank goodness it was double elimination and they kept winning after that.  They ended up playing the team they lost to in the championship and beat them twice to win the tournament.  My brother's wife and I were those crazy wives on the sidelines cheering obnoxiously.

 Javier slept during the championship games, which made it a little hard to really cheer loud...I mean, how could I disturb THIS.....

By the time the tournament was over, we were all super hungry, so we walked back downtown for some cheeseburgers in a nice air conditioned corner of the gas station.

On the way there the kids spotted the pony rides, so we promised them after lunch they could go for a ride.  Lilli was in 7th heaven, obviously...look at that smile.

The also convinced me to let them go in the petting zoo.  I felt SO bad for those poor animals.  It was so warm and humid out with no breeze whatsoever.  They were clearly uncomfortable!  As you can see that most of them are laying down trying not to die.

State Farm Insurance always offers child ID's and finger printing, so of course we had to stop and do those as well as get pictures taken with the mascot and leave with a balloon.  Not pictured is Alexa's photo ID, taken after she ate a blue slushie.  Ha!

We walked around the art and craft fair, hit up the Humane Society garage sale and then walked home for a little R 'n R before going to the parade.  Poor Javier didn't get any attention...AT.ALL... ;)

We found a nice shady spot for the parade and felt a nice breeze for the first time all day.   The kids had a prime spot and thanks to Kelly (for either looking like a small child, or really a really sexxy lady) the kids got a ton of candy...(thrown right in front of Kelly). HA!! 

I don't know what I was thinking, but I didn't have my camera ready in time to take a picture of my dad while he drove by in the parade with the rest of the city council - Oops.  Probably because he was dumping handfuls of candy in front of his grandkids and I was making sure they got me all the tootsie rolls.  I mean...what else do you go to parades for? ;)

But, for real...if you are from my hometown...please vote for my dad for county commissioner!!  Please and thank you!

My brothers Ben and Tiny and SIL Courtney walked with my dad's bestie Jay McNamar whose running again for state representative.  Vote for him, too!!

We grilled burgers and brats when we got home and started another bonfire!

Grandma took the kiddos to the park to play for a bit and my brother and I went to visit some of my most favorite people in the world...Maurya and Liza.  I used to nanny for them during our summer breaks from school and babysat them often, too.  

{serious model posing going on here - #fierce}

We laughed and giggled so hard.  It was a blast reminiscing of the good old days of me taking them to story time at the library, doing our 'stumps', watching MTV and listening to BSB!!
Another hilarious thing to reminisce about was when Liza would sit at the top of the stairs every morning and scram at me that she 'hated her hair'.  Maurya and I would do our best to talk her off the ledge and cheer her up.  I find it completely ironic that all these years later Liza is a model..and Maurya is a hairstylist.  Anyways...I love those girls and it was so much fun to see them and catch up!

Jasper and Javier met for the first time.  At first they were a little unsure of each other.  They are both 'puppies', but there is an obvious size difference, so when it came to playing with each other it got a little awkward.  Javier pretty much just played dead while Jasper sniffed his private parts.

The cutest was when Zach was walking Javier...talk about the perfect size!

How lucky are the girls to have a super cool uncle the drives a Jeep??  And who takes the top off...and the doors, too.  Sunday morning he spent a great amount of time giving each kid a ride...or three around the town.  Ok, I got a ride, too.  There is just something about riding with the wind in your hair past a church service being held at the park with the music pumping.  haha  They were all like, "Hallelulia, Sing to Jesus" and we're all like "Whatcha gonna do with that big fat butt....wiggle wiggle wiggle..."  Just kidding, mom....that didn't happen. ;)

At the craft fair my mom and I along with my SIL's each picked out a fun wine glass for the weekend.  Unfortunately we all passed out right after the fireworks show and didn't even use them.  We couldn't leave without taking a picture, tho, but didn't want to drink wine for breakfast and ran out of juice, so we shared a bottle of Gatorade.  

Think these wine glasses are cute??  I'm planning to do an online (live FB) party soon.  Stay tuned.

Another great Flekkefest weekend in the books.  
Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for all the fun!! 

Until next year....