Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday Thoughts...

- A couple weeks ago, I dropped my cellphone in a parking lot and completely shattered the screen.  I, of course, thought it was  But, even tho the screen was cracked, the phone was still working.  I just had to squint through the shards of glass that were falling out.  I was able to get it replaces a few days later and all was good...until Monday when I pulled my phone out of my purse to check the time and the screen was all full of lines, the color was faded in some spots and it wasn't allowing me to type in my pass code to even access my phone.  It's been getting slightly worse by the will go into these little fits where it will go in and out of apps all on it's own, flash periodically and not allow me to even make a phone call let alone send a text. Grr!!  On the one hand it's been extremely frustrating..especially when people are texting me or trying to get ahold of me and there is nothing I can do to answer them...but, on the other hand, it's been kind of nice to keep it in my purse all day and not worry about checking social media..ect, several times a day.  The break from my phone is needed..but, I still can't wait to get it fixed. 

- We had our first snowfall here around November 10th.  That's kinda EARLY!!  Especially since it didn't melt right's STILL HERE!!  Every year I tell myself to embrace the snow, my kids are only little once and to get out there and enjoy it with them.  And while I do love building a snowman and occasionally getting a good work out in while shoveling the driveway..I find myself cursing the snow and cold by mid-January.  If snow arrives in early November, that means that Spring will arrive in early February...right???

 - I have been arguing with Adam all week about setting up our Christmas tree and decorations this weekend.  Early snow...Early Christmas!   Usually I'm the wait until after Thanksgiving type, but this year I just can't help myself, I want to put it all up....NOW!!  I thought I was winning the argument, but last night Adam put his foot down and said there is NO WAY we are putting up the Christmas decor before Thanksgiving.  End.Of.Story!!  Sooo, instead I convinced him to take us to Santa Land at Macy's in downtown Minneapolis.  It' one of our favorite Christmas traditions.  And also a way to distract me from digging the Christmas tree out of storage myself.

- Alexa went to a birthday party for her friend Hannah last Friday.  A limo....A LIMO...picked them up after school and drove them up to St. Paul to an ice-cream shop and then back home to Hannah's house for a sleepover.  Unfortunately, Alexa wasn't able to sleepover since she had Nutcracker practice that night and then again right away in the morning, but she got to take part in the most important part which is obviously that limo ride....I mean, getting picked up at school in a limo?  All sorts of cool!

{photo stolen from Hannah's mom's FB page}

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mites Creations Ruffle Pants Review {+ Giveaway}

Ahh, ruffles...they are my FAVORITE!!  My girls will be 16 years old and I'll still be forcing them into ruffled outfits, because they are just so.dang.cute.  

They've owned a few pairs of ruffled pants before, but none of them compare to these adorable pink and white striped, double-ruffled pants from Mites Creations.  They are the softest and most girls can't get enough of them.  And they're, bonus points there.

They are perfect for every day play, lounging around the house and of course, wearing to dance over their tights to keep warm.  I cannot tell you how many compliments they've had and even how many women that have asked if they make them in adult sizes.  They are just SO FUN that everyone wants a piece of them.

Stella at Mites Creations is a mother and a grandmother that loves sewing and knitting and enjoys spending her time creating new things.  She offers upcylced outfits,  girls clothing, wedding accessories and attire, hair accessories and more.


Her creations are beautiful and definitely something she has a passion for. 

Mites Creations :: Etsy :: Facebook

Stella would like to offer one lucky Mom-a-Logues winner a pair of ruffle pants like the ones Alexa and Lillian are wearing, in the size of your choice.  Please use the rafflecopter entry form below to enter!  Good Luck!

Monday, November 17, 2014

This Weekend...

FRIDAY ::  Typically Friday's are the one night during the week that the girls don't have dance, but this Friday they had Nutcracker practice, so it was another late night at the studio.  Once they got home we snuggled in and watched a few episodes of Shark Tank that we had pending on our DVR.

SATURDAY :: The girls were up bright and early again for dance.  Alexa took a drop-in ballet class and then her and Lilli both did a technique class for tap.  They are required to take a certain amount of technique classes during the season and this was the first one that each of them took.  5 more to go for Alexa and 2 for Lilli.

After dance Alexa and I dropped Lilli off at her friend Elly's house for a playdate/sleepover.  It was Lilli's first sleepover without having her sister there and she did GREAT!  Joanna kept sending me the cutest snap's of Lilli and Elly having the time of their lives.  I'm so happy that dance has brought these two together.  They are two peas in a pod and the best of friends.

While Lilli was off playing with Elly and Adam was at a bean bag tournament...Alexa and I had a fun mama/daughter afternoon together.  We went to Subway for lunch, hit up a couple craft shows (I bought her some fun headbands to wear for dance), went to Target, Michael's and a couple thrift shops.  We had such a fun time together!  I treasured every single moment because one on one time with Alexa doesn't come around that often.  It's usually Lilli and I while Alexa is off with her friends or at a late dance class.  But, Alexa and I need this time together and I loved being able to love her up and give her a special day.  Adam caught up with us after his tournament and we did a little more shopping.  He caved and bought her a couple toys that she had been eyeing for awhile.  We walked around the mall a bit, picked up some new shoes for the girls and then went to Chick-fil-a for dinner.   

We made popcorn when we got home and watched Mighty Ducks 1 &2.  We enjoyed seeing several different scenes in Minneapolis, especially when they played at Parade Ice Arena where Adam used to work and where my brother currently works.   Alexa is dying to watch the 3rd one now...luckily they're all on Netflix.

SUNDAY ::  We picked up Lilli in the morning.  Alexa had kid's choir after church.  We did some grocery shopping, got Lilli a new pair of winter boots and some new mittens and then home to watch football.  I did a It Works facial wrap (full review to come), the girls did their homework and then it was back to the dance studio for Nutcracker practice.  

I've also seen so many people with Christmas lights up and their Christmas tree's in their windows and while I'm generally the type who likes to wait until after Thanksgiving for all that stuff, I'm kinda in the mood to start decorating.  Who knows...maybe the tree will go up before Thanksgiving this year??  Is your Christmas tree up yet or are you getting tempted to put it up?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mason & Wax Soy Candle Review {+ Giveaway}

I think it's safe to say that all Minnesotan's agree that it's way too early for there to be snow, even for MinneSNOWta.  It's about a month too early, in my opinion!  We've had the most gorgeous Fall and I'm just not ready to let that go yet.  So, to hang on to all things Fall for just a bit longer I've left a few Fall/Halloween decorations up in the house, our pumpkins are still sitting out on our front steps (covered in a little snow now) and I've been burning my Mason & Wax Pumpkin Spice candle non-stop!!

I've gotten into a little routine of settling the girls into bed at night, putting on my pj's, curling up in a blanket on the couch while rummaging through the girls' Halloween candy bag while I watch my favorite shows and smell the scent of Fall through my candle sitting next to me on the end table.  It's perfect, really!

I also really love it when my husband walks in later in the evening from a hard days work and immediately comments on the wonderful aroma filling our house.  He says things like, "oooh, is that pumpkin spice??" or "wow, the house smells really good" and it puts the biggest smile on my face, which is most likely the reason he says it in the first place.  I love him for that.

I love a candle that's scent engulfs my whole house.  Not too overpowering, but not too subtle either.  I like that it's the first thing you smell when you walk in the door instead of our dogs or the leftover smells of dinner.
That's exactly what you get with Mason & Wax.  Laureen was so generous to send me 2 different scents to try, Pumpkin Spice and Autumn Fig Harvest, and I am obsessed with them both.  They've been long lasting and smell so wonderful!

She offers a large selection of different scents including pine cone, milk and honey, bayberry, applejack peel, green tea lemongrass and many more.


Laureen's candles are unique in that they are all all-natural pure soy wax and infused with pure essential oils and premium phthalate free fragrances.  They burn cleanly and slowly, offering about a 50-60 hour burn time, they are cotton wicked and 100% dye free...and the cute little mason jar is completely reusable!!  Each candle is shipped to you in individual kraft gift boxes so they are all ready for gift-giving.

It's your lucky day because Laureen is offering one of you, my lucky readers, a chance at winning a candle of your choice from her collection.  All you need to do is fill out the rafflecopter entry form below.  Good Luck!!

Mason & Wax :: Etsy :: Facebook

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

{Big News}

So, last week I eluded to the fact that there was some BIG NEWS coming soon.  And even tho most of you know that I am in fact NOT pregnant and don't ever plan to be again, all ya'll's minds went there anyways.  It's funny how that's always the assumption, but rarely ever actually is the big news, right??   Anyways...sorry to disappoint!! ;)

But, the news I have is almost as exciting and probably isn't really even as big of news anymore considering I've pretty much told everyone I know already because it's just so incredibly awesome and fabulous and spectacular and joyous and every other happy emotion you can think of because you guys.... daughters, both of them..Alexa and Lillian...have been cast in the upcoming Moscow Ballet production of The Nutcracker.

Holy happiness...RIGHT??  Cue the cartwheels, excessive jumping up and down and squealing like the loudest 14 year old teenage girl.  I couldn't be more excited if I tried.

Their dance studio was given the opportunity to cast the young dancers in this major Christmas production at one of the most prestigious theater's in Minnesota - The Orpheum Theatre.

Not only is The Nutcracker one of our most favorite Christmas stories, but being able to perform on this stage is such a huge honor.

Alexa was double cast as a Russian dancer and will also dance in 3 separate parts as a {boy}party guest.  She gets to dance alongside the one and only boy competition dancer at our studio, Colin.  He's amazing and Alexa is thrilled to be able to partner with him for the Russian dance.  And I'm certain she will make the cutest little boy party guest dancing with Grace, who has the girl part.

Lillian was cast as a snowflake, which is seriously going to be the most adorable thing I've probably ever seen.  We haven't seen costumes yet, but obviously the little snowflakes will be wearing some sort of white dress or tutu.  I can hardly wait to see her flutter across the stage.
To say that this mama is proud is the largest understatement.   My heart could literally burst with pride.  

On top of their regular dance schedule (which is Monday-Thursday), they have been in the studio practicing for The Nutcracker Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will continue until the big performance on Saturday, December 6th.  We have been living, breathing and sleeping dance 7 days a week.  But, it's SO dang worth it to see how hard these kids are working to learn their parts in such a short period of time and how happy they are for this amazing opportunity.  Their excitement is so contagious!!

Many more details to come on this but wanted to share with you all in our excitement. to dance practice on a Saturday.